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Sacramento Kings News & Notes - August 17

It’s a draining part of the year for basketball fans, though, it was nice to catch the thrilling Kings/Warriors game on NBATV last evening. We still had John Salmons and Brad Miller on the roster at the time, and the pains (panes) it caused me to watch him fumble around in the final moments like a wobbling Redwood are simply not describable.

With that said, let’s take a look at the minimal going on’s around the Kingsdom:

SKDT updating us on their debut in China

Andrew Nicholson with a great feature on Omri Casspi

Sean May has a 100k weight clause in his contract

Kevin Martin is spending some time in Indonesia via STR

Garcia scores 22 in the FIBA Championships

Vlade Divac commercial via Cowbell Kingdom

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  • Matthew P.C. Holmquist

    Funny, I was just thinking about that fight the other day, and how everyone got so heated about it.

    Loved Peeler when he was here… but he must’ve really gotten under KGs skin to have them going back and forth at it before he took out KG.

  • Eze

    Heh, nobody was expecting that forearm shiver to KG’s face. Some pushes, the usual, but the fact he went full blow with the elbow was crazy.

    It’s the only thing that turdburgler ever did in Sacramento. Waste of space.