Chris Webber's Top 10 Plays

Yea, as if you couldn’t tell, I’m struggling for news currently. The Kings are as exciting recently as Beno Udrih’s sex life, which let me inform you, is down and out. So, what do bloggers do when they struggle for news? Post a video!!!

So, below is an NBA produced (don’t sue me, I’m poor) Top 10 video of Chris Webber’s career. I’m not sure I agree with the Top 10, but, it’s still a good mix of highlights from the Sacramento icon.

And as much crap that Webber got for being “un-clutch”…he really wasn’t that poor when the game was on the line.

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  • Dave

    That was so much fun, I had to watch it twice!

    The two passes — #3 + #9 — get my pick as the best of the bunch. Plus the block at #2, I love blocks were the ball is caught right out of the middle of the air.