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Sacramento Kings Keychain Contest

As I got home today, I did my normal routine and checked the mail to see what bills I owed and what potential government agency was threatening to incarcerate me this week. To my surprise, there was an envelope with an address that I didn’t recognize. As I tore through it like a 8 year old on Christmas morning, I was pleasantly shocked to see some AWESOME Sacramento King keychains. And when I say awesome, I mean awesome. I might even say they’re epic.

The quality of the keychain is stunning. Seriously. I might even say it’s sexier than I am, and that’s saying something. The image is clean and clear…it’s very impressive.

I actually was given a few Sacramento King Keychains, so, how bout we have a little contest and give one or two away to some Royal Pain readers?

Simply leave a comment on this blog posting below or e-mail me at [email protected] and we’ll have a random drawing next Friday, August 14th and announce the winner(s).

These are some really great items, so, drop me a comment or e-mail to enter yourself in the contest.

If you find something you like at their site, you can also get 10% off by using the promo code: aroyalpain

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  • Drew

    Nice keychain. If it only said something other than Sacramento Kings then it would really be great!! If I win, can you engrave Beno Udrih’s name on the back for me?

    Just kidding Eze. BTW, if the Kings get Sessions they might actually break the 30 win barrier next season…

  • Patrick

    Count me in for the keychain drawing. Looks awesome.

  • harbir dhillon

    I’m in for the chain.

  • Bryan

    Ha! If it had Beno’s name on it, I might blow it up! Die Beno die!!

  • Mike

    Tasty……I want it bad.