Chris Sheridan Looks At A Kenny Thomas Deal

I wish THIS Kenny lived in Southpark...

I wish THIS Kenny lived in Southpark...

It’s the dog days of Summer, and Sacramento King news is hitting the wires at about the same rate that I wash my underoo’s, so forgive the lack of good topics.

That said, there was some minor relevant Kings talk recently when Chris Sheridan of ESPN wrote an article about potential deadline deals this coming season. Sheridan revisited the rumored trade talks of Kenny Thomas to the Knicks this past season, and dropped this nugget of wisdom on us:

4. Kenny Thomas, Kings
The Knicks were checking up on him earlier this summer while second-guessing themselves for not acquiring him last January when they could have had his 2010 expiring contract in exchange for Nate Robinson (not D-Antoni’s favorite all-time player) and Jared Jeffries, who, along with his cap-killing sidekick, Curry, combine to take up nearly 40 percent of the Knicks’ 2010-11 cap.

If I am Geoff Petrie, by February the price of acquiring Thomas in a Jeffries dump will have escalated, and I’ll be asking for Jordan Hill in the package, too. I’d also ask for the Knicks’ upcoming No.1 pick, but that lottery-bound prize is long gone, Isiah Thomas having sent it to Phoenix in the Stephon Marbury deal. If Walsh ever dangles his ‘12 pick, maybe he can get someone to take Curry/Jeffries.

Now, somebody tell me why this is beneficial to the Kings? Yes, Jordan Hill is a nice prospect and would be beneficial to have. I understand that. But I’ve just sat through five, and what will be SIX years of Kenny Thomas – and you want me to take on another horrible contract just to get Jordan Hill? Don’t try to sell me up the river with another one of these “magical movable contracts” just like Skinner, Thomas, and the rest of the bench squad from the CWebb trade were labeled as.

Geoff Petrie should not even continue the conversation if Jared Jefferies name is mentioned. Jordan Hill is simply not enough for another two years of immovable junk.

Don’t get me wrong – Hill could turn out to be a nice player, but, adding another near 7 million dollars to our cap the next two years for a potentially decent player simply isn’t how you rebuild.

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