Who You Got? JT or Spence?

Spencer Hawes vs. Jason Thompson

I had plans to write out a full post on my personal views on this situation, but, I’m going to scratch that and let the people decide. After all, this is a democracy, is it not?!

So, who do you feel will have a better season for the Kings this year? Jason Thompson or Spencer Hawes? There doesn’t need to be a whole lot of logic behind this. We don’t need an explanation of how they’re different players who have different roles or who their grandmothers are.

Simple and plain – who’s going to have a better season? Jason or Spence?

Who Will Have The Better Season?

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  • Eze

    Wowwy, wowwy, wowwy – lots of love for JT! Figured Spence would get some more love.

  • Aykis16

    For some reason, not letting me vote, but I pick Spence. To me Spence has the better skill set, and I think he could end up being one of the craftier players in the league and an excellent passer. I see JT as a 15/9 guy which is good, but not All-Star. Spence will probably have the same numbers with probably 4 assists as well and a block and a half. Really love that this is our front line for at least the next 3 years.

  • Eze

    Gap started to close…only one apart now.

    Agree on our frontline though. Our defense is suspect (what’s new)…but two of the better young bigs in the league on one team.

  • Eze

    Actually tied with Aykis’ vote now.