Sean May To Pick Between Blazers & Kings?

Have You Seen My Walker? You Know, With Green Tennis Balls?

Have you seen my walker? You know - the one with the green tennis balls?

There isn’t a ton of information out there, but I’ve asked around and been told that Sean May canceled the rest of his workouts (after completing some this morning) and has narrowed his choices down to two teams. As far as I can tell from what I know, those two teams are Portland and Sacramento.

Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee confirms the cancellation of the workouts, and Eric Pincus of Hoopsworld confirms it’s either with Portland or Sacramento , as I was also informed.

I’ll leave the detective work up to you Inspector Gadget, but, from what I know…and from what those guys say, I’m taking a mild stab in the dark and guessing Sean May will be a Blazer or a King. I know, I know. I’m a risk taker.

You should see me volunteer at the Retirement Center.

Which, coincidentally, will be where May is living with those knees.

At least I can pretend May is another Chris Webber. Just, a sucky, non passing, non scoring, non sexy (wait, what?) undersized version of Chris Webber.

Ah shit. We’re getting ready to sign a suckier, unhealthy Ike Diogu!!! ABORT! ABORT! SYSTEM DOWN!

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  • lukejensen

    He must still be living off of his college championship run…man did that UNC draft class disappoint. You know I wanted Danny Granger, Antoine Wright or Gerald Green…but my Wolves picked Rashad McCants…(granted Green would have actually been worse and Wright kind of sucks too, but still…Danny Granger).

  • Eze

    I enjoy reading McCants tweets.

    I too at times wonder why there are so many “hoes trying to get at a niggas dick”.

  • Patrick

    We’re competing with the BLAZERS for Sean May? Why do the Blazers want him? They actually have money. They can go pick up David Lee if they really want to.