Family Commitment Huh?

Spencer Hawes Pisses Off Kings Management

For those that haven’t heard the news yet, Kings center Spencer Hawes has elected to skip the Kings Summer League because of an unspecified “family commitment”. There is no word on what this commitment is, but, it’s not sitting well with new coach Paul Westphal or General Manager Geoff Petrie.

Petrie was quoted yesterday as saying:

“We have, for the most part, five roster players here, and we’re going to be a young team and having a new coach and a new staff. Certainly a good part of what we were trying to accomplish is to prepare those (players) better for the start of training camp and let the coaching staff get their first feel of them as players, and they can start to put in things that they’re going to do in fall camp. I think it’s valuable and completely productive.”

As well as:

“He obviously was invited to participate and at this point has chosen not to, and we’ll go from there,” Petrie said. “It’s the middle of the summer, and the invitation was there. The knowledge about it was there. If he doesn’t want to play, he doesn’t want to play.”

Kings Head Coach Paul Westphal also took a few minutes to chime in on Hawes’ decision:

“We would’ve liked to had it be different, but it is what it is,” Westphal said of Hawes’ absence. “We wanted him to play, and I wish he was playing. But that’s the story.”

It should also be noted that Petrie learned of Hawes’ decision by “various sources” and not Hawes himself, which seems to be the spark that set off the bomb.

If there is anything Geoff Petrie is, it’s quiet. Extremely quiet. He only speaks when he needs to, and is extremely careful with his words. So, for Petrie to come out and say what he did, there is obviously some serious frustration.

While much of nothing is expected to come from this, it’s another questionable moment when Spencer Hawes has his desire for the game in question.

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