Ron Artest's Tribute To Michael Jackson

I uh..I shamefully admit I’m a Ron Artest fan. I liked Ron when he was in Indiana, I liked Ron when he was in Sacramento, and I’ll like Ron now that he’s in LA.

With all of that said – Ron Artest is as crazy as bat shit. From a crazy bat. That wears depends. That’s retarded.

And that leads me to his odd tribute to the King Of Pop, which you can find above.

Here are a few pieces from the questionable (and when I say questionable, I mean calling it “music”) tribute:

“Even though I’m always strapped, I’m putting down my mac for Mike Jack”

“Mike, I know you in heaven – I hope to see you next year”

Now, that second one…that has me a little confused. Next year? Do the Lakers have plans to sign Michael Jackson to the MLE next year? Or…?

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