Kenny Thomas Is Like A Dirty Nose

I Wonder If He Bought That Smile With His 8 Million Bucks?

I Wonder If He Bought That Smile With His 8 Million Bucks?

It was around noonish yesterday when I started to get hungry. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat, but, I knew I didn’t want anything from the Hard Rock Cafe so I figured I’d hop on the trolly to take me down to Horton Plaze really quickly where I could assault a McDonald’s or something.

I got on and took my seat, and as soon as I did I saw these Vietnamese students who seriously, not even kidding, looked like they were 11 or 12 years old. They were smoking cigarettes before they jumped on the trolley, so they must’ve been at least 13 or 14.

In any case, they sat right next to me and the one dude that I shared a seat with fell asleep almost right away. Another kid across from him started whispering to him urgently in Vietnamese (which sounded a little bit like gibberish to me since I don’t speak that culture’s beautiful language). Anyways, he’s whispering in this gibberish and pushing the sleeping kid’s knees and elbows and shoulders and getting real close to his ears and whispering gibberish.

The whole time, I’m just trying to knit my blanket (What? You expected something more?), but I can’t help but look up when the babbling kid starts slapping the sleeping kid in the face while yelling his gibberish. I’m thinking, “Dude, WTF. That is no way to behave around a sleepy person.”

In any case, the sleeping kid doesn’t bother looking up and the babbling kid gives up, sits back and falls asleep himself. When I looked up at him he was positioned as such that I could see directly up his nose.

And that made me no longer what McDonald’s.

And this is when I realized that Kenny Thomas is the equivalent to looking up some Vietnamese kids nose.

Yea I know – it’s a bad day for news.

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