A Royal Rumble – Ron Artest Vs. Scot Pollard

Ron Ostrich Testicles Artest

Ron "Ostrich Testicles" Artest

Scott Screw The Black Man Pollard

Scot "Where Is My Robe" Pollard

Every so often here at A Royal Pain, we’ll be pitting current and ex members of the Sacramento Kings against each other in a crazy, over the top, waste of time poll.

Today’s contestant’s?

Ron “I ate ostrich testicles in Africa” Artest vs. Scot “You look like a lesbo Cheryl Miller” Pollard

Who would survive better in prison?

Make sure to comment below with your reasons.

Who Survives Better In Prison?

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  • Eze

    Scot Pollard is upset with the results so far and is sharpening his tooth brush to create a shank while we speak.

  • http://lakeshowlife.com/ kareemabduladam

    The good news for Pollard is that he is almost too tall to rape. Plus, if he ever has trouble with any certain click we know he has no problem switching up his look. But then again, we also know Artest learned how to murder with a table leg back in QB. I gotta go with Artest. Nobody’s gonna mess with that dude.

  • Eze

    Excellent points! But you’re never too tall to be raped. I’m pushing 6’3 and this one time late at night I was….err…nevermind.

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