Rubio Returning To Sacramento For Workout

Oh Ricky - Your So Fine You Blow My Mind - Hey Ricky!

Oh Ricky - Your So Fine, You're So Fine You Blow My Mind - Hey Ricky!

Today via a report from DraftExpress and later picked up by Kings beat writer Sam Amick, Euro stud Ricky Rubio will return to Sacramento to finish off a workout he was unable to complete do to flu like symptoms last week.

Rubio will fly into Sacramento later today from Los Angeles where he was visiting the Oklahoma City Thunder this weekend.

Rubio was not expected to return to Sacramento, but, a change of plans occured and he’s expected to stay the maximum 24 hours allowed for a players second visit.

After all reports placed Rubio on a plane back to Spain (or New York) this morning, hearing the news of Rubio returning to Sacramento made my basketball penis thrilled.

I’d compare it to finding a kilo of cocaine under your couch cushion. Not that I know what that feels like or anything.

*wipes nose*

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